Yeasayer Tease New Music with "Amen & Goodbye"

Yeasayer Tease New Music with 'Amen & Goodbye'
It's been three long years since Yeasayer delivered their third album Fragrant World, and now it looks as if they might be set to finally follow it up with a new release.

The band's official website has been updated to include the phrase "Amen & Goodbye." It also looks more like an expertly designed logo than a simple song title, so don't be surprised if that's the name of their next LP.

Further, the group have shared a brief 23-second clip also called "Amen & Goodbye." It's not much to go on, but it does offer some warm electric piano.

Check out the brief "Amen & Goodbye" clip below, and stay tuned for more news from Yeasayer as it becomes available.