Watch Xenobiotic's Deranged Video for "Grieving the Loss of Self"

The clip rounds out a three-part series for their new LP 'Mordrake'
Watch Xenobiotic's Deranged Video for 'Grieving the Loss of Self'
Xenobiotic deliver dizzying dissonant death metal from Down Under, and we're talking about Perth, Australia, there — not the underworld conjured by their music. Today, the band unleashed second LP Mordrake, which we called "a must-listen record for fans looking for a tight, well-rounded work of modern progressive death metal," and they're unveiling the stunningly bleak conclusion to a three-part video series in, errr, celebration?

"Grieving the Loss of Self" is more chaotic than the compositions that make up either of its predecessors in the visual trilogy, focusing on Gorguts-style ugliness above any underlying beauty that glimmered beneath the surface. This happens in parallel to the storyline's main character finding his mind more and more mangled, which is visualized here by the wicked weave of branches in which vocalist TJ Sinclair contorts his voice and facial expressions.

The arch the trees forms is much more a portal to Hell than anything you'd find erected at a wedding. Even more sinister is the game of chess Sinclair plays against a disturbing bloody hooded figure. There's a twist more gnarled than the most misshapen branch, but you'll have to watch to find out. 

Xenobiotic offer a glimpse into the (hopefully less-broken) minds that crafted this conceptual project in both audio and visual formats, offering the following:

Mordrake is the story of a broken person: an individual destroyed by a series of harrowing circumstances, brought on by the dichotomy of twisted pathologies in both internal and external worlds. The trilogy of music videos we released is a retelling of this story in three acts: The Question, The Search and The Answer.

We would like to present you with the final act; "Grieving the Loss of Self." This song is an insight into a state of being completely lost, of waking up alone to find nothing but a corrupted spirit consumed by dissonance. This is doubtlessly the heaviest, darkest and most relentless music ever written by this band, driven by rage, paranoia and the recurrent betrayal of a broken mind.

Watch the chapter of the series in the player below and don't forget to order your own copy of Mordrake via Unique Leader Records.