Vashti Bunyan "Across the Water"

Vashti Bunyan 'Across the Water'
Legendary UK folk performer Vashti Bunyan is gearing up to release Heartleap, her first album since 2005's Lookaftering. Today, we get our first release of the LP.

In a press release, Bunyan explained that she self-taught herself how to record. "I wanted to see what I could do without using the ideas of others," she said. "If I'd taken these songs and gone into a studio with them they might have turned out very differently, perhaps more 'produced' — but not as near to how I hear them for myself."

As it turns out, she did a bang-up job, as "Across the Water" is a hushed, warm folk song with layered guitars, subtle strings and Bunyan's timeless, ageless voice. Needless to say, the song has us even more excited for the LP.

Listen to "Across the Water" below. Heartleap will arrive October 7 via DiCristina and a day earlier in the UK through FatCat.