Too Many Zooz Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 16

Too Many Zooz Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 16
Photo: Kim Jay
Born out of New York City's subways, Too Many Zooz shot to fame after passers-by posted unreal video of their subway performances ― you've likely seen videos of Leo Pellegrino and David "King of Sludge" Parks breaking new ground on the baritone sax and drums, respectively.
Along with Matt Doe on trumpet, Too Many Zooz's explosion onto the music scene with their homegrown brass house is a refreshing punch in the face. The trio took the stage and jumped right into it, Doe playing one-handed for most of the opening track while holding a beer in the other (bloody impressive), Pellegrino on his own raised platform to show off his fancy footwork while wailing on the sax, and the King of Sludge, percussion strapped to his body, keeping it all in check.
They've been hailed for their unbelievable musicianship and Pellegrino's dance moves while breaking it down, and their brilliant set at the Rifftop tent was no exception. After 15 minutes of straight play, a wind-down between trumpet and sax gave a two-second breather before launching back in. All three are remarkable players and Pellegrino's stage presence is an absolute show stopper: playing one-handed, altering the noises of the sax to produce a sound entirely their own, barely stopping to take a breath throughout the show. And the theatrics ― footwork, kicks, butt shakes, riding the saxophone ― all while playing impeccably. Count yourself lucky if you were able to catch the set. And if you didn't, well, there's always YouTube.

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