TLO Releases 'TLO Beats Vol 1: Good Morning' Beat Tape

The producer says that more new material is coming later this year
TLO Releases 'TLO Beats Vol 1: Good Morning' Beat Tape
Hip-hop producer and DJ TLO has a lot of new material lined up for 2021. He's starting off strong with the release of his TLO Beats Vol 1: Good Morning beat tape.

In a statement to Exclaim!, TLO described the release as "a hand-picked collection of some beats created in 2020 that have a chill energy, beats that are good for playing to start off the day, contemplative but not overly demanding of your attention, or music to accompany a coffee and tea."

He added, "In 2020, I have been fortunate to yield a handful of production collaborations with other artists that I'm proud to share in the coming months of 2021." Given that TLO is also Shad's touring DJ, the calibre of collaborators is sure to be high.
The wait won't be long, either. Said TLO, "Volume 2 is pressed and ready to go for the spring of 2021!"

Listen to TLO Beats Vol 1: Good Morning below.