Tim Baker Shares Cinematic "The Eighteenth Hole" Video

Take a peek at the new visuals for his 'Forever Overhead' track
Tim Baker Shares Cinematic 'The Eighteenth Hole' Video
Tim Baker has shared a brand new video for his Forever Overhead track "The Eighteenth Hole."

The new set of visuals arrive from directors Adrian Vieni and Amos Le Blanc, who flew to Newfoundland and began shooting without a script, referencing only rough sketches of Baker's, as well as the photography of Terrence Malick as inspiration.

"'The Eighteenth Hole' is an intimate study of human emotion and connection," said Vieni in a statement. "It acts as a time capsule, capturing the profound impact others have on us throughout our lives, and the shared experiences that connect us. With each moment, we're reminded of the choices we've made, the trajectory we've taken, and people we've met that have shaped us into who we are today."

Baker said he relinquished creative control of the visual elements to Le Blanc, who decided alongside Baker's management that he would "fly to Newfoundland with his producer, cinematographer and crew and use pretty much the entire budget just slowly shooting as many beautiful, sad, interesting scenes as they could in a week."

Forever Overhead was recently featured on Exclaim!'s 10 Best Folk and Country Albums of 2019, which references "The Eighteenth Hole" as one of the year's most notable tracks. The Hey Rosetta! frontman released the debut solo effort back in April via Arts & Crafts.

Baker just wrapped up a lengthy North American tour, concluding on Saturday (December 14) in Montreal. 

Watch the video for "The Eighteenth Hole" below.