Thoughts on 2008: Exclaim! Contributor Jill Langlois

Thoughts on 2008: Exclaim! Contributor Jill Langlois
To tide us over while we indulge in the holiday spirit gorging on stuffing and egg nog, we asked a bunch of our contributors to tell us their thoughts on 2008, as well as their favourite records that helped make it a memorable year. Much to her surprise, Jill Langlois realized how many records that she loved actually came out in 2008:

Flipping through the records I accumulated this year - yes, I do indeed buy actual hard copies of them - came as a bit of a surprise. Until being asked to be retrospective on 2008, I don't think I realized how many records I love were products of this past year. I'm a big believer in listening to an album from beginning to end, and from one to ten, my favourites were like musical utopias. So if you've been meaning to check any of these ones out and haven't yet, make sure you do. They just might be music to your ears too.

1. Winter Gloves About a Girl (Paper Bag)
It's rare that a record makes me think and makes me want to dance at the same time. And without a doubt, About a Girl will make you do both too; it's synth pop rock at its best. Newly signed to the Paper Bag family, Winter Gloves are an extremely cohesive unit for a band that started out with just one guy playing in his room not so long ago. I know this seems like a random pick to put at number one but trust me, they deserve it. I'd put money on the fact that you'll hear more great things from them in years to come. And I just put that in writing.

2. Plants and Animals Parc Avenue (Secret City)

3. The Constantines Kensington Heights (Arts & Crafts)

4. Foals Antidotes (Sub Pop)

5. Kings of Leon Only By The Night (RCA)

6. Sam Roberts Band Love at the End of the World (Universal)

7. The Black Keys Attack and Release (Nonesuch)

8. The Stills Oceans Will Rise (Arts & Crafts)

9. The Coast Expatriate (Aporia)

10. Mother Mother O My Heart (Last Gang)