This Dude Keeps Delivering the Mail Dressed as Gene Simmons of KISS

This Dude Keeps Delivering the Mail Dressed as Gene Simmons of KISS
Since we all need a little extra cheers right now, one Royal Mail carrier in the U.K. has been giving us just that by dressing up as Gene Simmons from KISS while out making deliveries. In fact, he's even caught the attention of Simmons himself.

The proud KISS Army member is a 32-year-old postie named Gary Underdown, who took it upon himself to dress up as Simmons's "Demon" while out on his route on the Isle of Sheppey. His aim is to hopefully bring a bit of cheer to those stuck inside due to COVID-19.

As Underdown told Kent Online [via Consequence of Sound], "I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb," saying he's "got a good reaction" since first dressing up about a month ago.

"You get a few who are like, 'Oh my God, that's fantastic,' and some people have been asking for a picture," he said. "I thought I would try and get everyone's mood up. Everyone's a bit down in the dumps with what's going on — it just lifted them up again."

Since photos started emerging online of Underdown, the KISS Twitter account and Simmons have paid tribute via some tweets. "It's just a bit of a gimmick and it's made a few people smile," Underdown explained. "There's a few different posties around the country doing a few different things so I thought I would do it too.

"I've only been able to wear the full makeup and wig on my rounds, though. I couldn't walk 10 miles in the Destroyer boots — but I have got a pair."