Third Eye Blind's Original Bassist Jason Slater Dies at 49

He also produced multiple albums for Queensrÿche
Third Eye Blind's Original Bassist Jason Slater Dies at 49
Third Eye Blind's original bassist Jason Slater, who also produced several Queensrÿche albums, has died. The early contributor to Third Eye Blind passed away earlier today from liver failure at a hospital in Maui, his daughter told TMZ. Slater was 49.

When Third Eye Blind was formed by Kevin Cadogan and Stephan Jenkins back in 1993, Slater was brought in to record bass on their first demo alongside engineer/producer Mark Hensley. However, Slater's time with the band was short-lived, and by the time the band released their classic self-titled debut album in 1997, Slater was no longer with the group.

But despite Third Eye Blind not speaking to Slater since 1996, upon hearing of his passing, a rep for the group told TMZ, "When a spirited member of the music scene is taken too soon it is always a sad time."

Slater also worked as producer, doing Slaves on Dope's 2003 record Metafour, as well as multiple Queensrÿche albums. These included 2005's Operation: Mindcrime II, 2009's American Soldier, 2011's Dedicated to Chaos and 2013's Frequency Unknown.

Down below, you can watch a recent interview with Slater, as well as some very early Third Eye Blind recording footage that Slater shared on YouTube back in 2008.