The Zolas "Molotov Girls" / "Swooner" on Exclaim! TV

The Zolas 'Molotov Girls' / 'Swooner' on Exclaim! TV
Swooner, the latest LP from Vancouver's the Zolas, found the band taking the catchy melodies found on their sophomore effort Ancient Mars up a notch, straight into the pop realm. In the midst of wrapping up a Canadian tour, the band brought their synths and 80s feel-good vibes to the Exclaim! office for an Exclaim! TV session.

In the clips below, the pop/rock outfit perform the anthemic "Molotov Girls" before serving up the highly energetic Swooner title track. Their new full-length is arguably the most fun album they've put out by far, so don't fight it if you find yourself dancing along to the latest episode of Exclaim! TV.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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