The Treble "Wherever You Go" (video)

The Treble 'Wherever You Go' (video)
Winnipeg's the Treble have yet to reveal plans for their upcoming album, but the band are teasing its arrival with a new single titled "Wherever You Go" — and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at a brand new accompanying video.
The clip utilizes crazy cool light-painting technology called Pixelsticks, and the band enlisted over 30 artists to adapt segments of the song into a lyric video. Contributions arrived from the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany and Brazil, making it an international affair.
"The video was made from thousands of photos, by people from around the world in the Pixelstick community," lead singer Mark Brusegard tells Exclaim! "They painted our lyrics on their skylines, monuments, and countrysides. They stood out in the cold, the rain, and in the dead of night lighting up the darkness with our song. Now we get to share the lyric video we have put together, which is so much more than we could have possibly envisioned. What's cooler than that?"
You can see the video come to life in vibrant colour right now in the player below.