The Dirty Nil Get Fully Animated for New "Damage Control" Video

It's the latest 'Fuck Art' song to get its own visuals
The Dirty Nil Get Fully Animated for New 'Damage Control' Video
The Dirty Nil have just hit us with quite the music video. Coming for Fuck Art  track "Damage Control," the clip finds the Ontario band fully animated in their own fully animated fantasyland.

The video was directed by Greg Doble and finds the band visiting a mystical wizard, who shows them some pretty wild futures — not all of which are great, to say the least.

Of the "Damage Control" video, Doble offered the following:

"Damage Control" is a song that touches upon the both the hard moments in life, as well as our individual perception of those moments. We all want to run "damage control" when things aren't going our way, but the reality of the situation is different in the minds of each person involved. I was quite drawn to the line "beware the things you wanna feel, 'cause that don't mean they're real." To me, this line speaks to our ability as people to gravitate towards feelings, or our own personal bias, but in the process losing touch with a shared, concrete reality.

For the music video, I wanted to break those two pieces of the song along very literal lines: There is the peril that each band member experiences, but on the other hand, we keep being pulled back out of a dream state and left wondering if any of this is real. The personal bias is made literal by the fact that the wizard in the story is toying with The NILs perception of reality and the possible future. 

Watch the video for "Damage Control" for yourself below.