Technical Kidman "Try"

Technical Kidman 'Try'
For the past few years, Technical Kidman have been leading a slow revolution in Montreal's music scene, taking the city's signature prog-y tendencies and infusing them with massive, eyebrow-singing electronic psychedelia. With only two EPs to their name so far, their live shows have been their staple — loud and explosive experiences, more akin to watching a spaceship take off than seeing three dudes play music.

That innovation and energy blasts through the speakers on "Try," the first glimpse of their anticipated debut LP, Something Stranger Coming on the Horizon, due out November 6. Production of the album started when one of the band members found a box of VHS tapes in their basement with hours of '90s TV shows on them. The band were fascinated by the weird but comforting retro aesthetic, and formed the instrumentation for the album by modifying, editing, tweaking, and sampling sounds from the tapes. It comes out sounding like nothing ever done before but is held together by big New Order-like hooks. 

Get a taste of that for yourself via the premiere of "Try" below. You can also pre-order the album on the band's Bandcamp here

Technical Kidman just finished playing a handful of dates opening for SUUNS and Jerusalem in My Heart, acts that are a perfect fit with their sound and envelope-pushing mindset. With more songs like "Try" coming on the horizon, they should be taking the main stage before too long.  

Tour dates:

11/05 Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
11/06 Ottawa, ON - Debaser presents
11/07 Toronto, ON - Invocation @ Geary Lane
11/09 Thunder Bay, ON - The Appolo
11/12 Saskatoon, SK - Vangellis Room
11/13 Calgary, AB - Broken City
11/14 Lethbridge, AB - Electric Eye Mansion
11/15 Edmonton, AB - Endless Bummer Festival
12/02 Saint-John, NB - Taco Pica
12/03 Halifax, NS - Home Bass @ Reflections
12/04 Fredericton, NB - Capital Complex
12/05 Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool