TALVI's "Victim Mentality" Video Is a Fever Dream of Feeling

Watch the colourful clip for the Prince Innocence member's single
TALVI's 'Victim Mentality' Video Is a Fever Dream of Feeling
Last December, Prince Innocence's Talvi Faustmann teased a forthcoming solo album with "Victim Mentality," and the artist has now treated the single to a new music video.

Co-directed by the artist and Mashie Alam, the clip invites viewers into the mind of a girl played by Faustmann, who is "wrapped up in very naive illusions about love and relationships."

The song's dreamy chord changes are an ideal match for the video's polychromatic drift through the starry-eyed thoughts of Faustmann's character, whose naivety is represented by trophies, flowers, bedroom walls fully covered in magazine clippings, a toy village and a brooding love interest.

"In some ways, I'm poking fun at these cliches, but also saying look how beautiful they are," Faustmann tells Exclaim! of her narrative vision. "The whole thing is a fever dream, but there are some moments that are more contemplative; like the scenes in the red bedroom or when I break the fourth wall and look into the camera."

As previously reported, "Victim Mentality" is the first single from Faustmann's forthcoming solo debut, presently titled Queen Millennia. Last October, she shared single "Angelyne" with Prince Innocence.