Students: Mazda Wants Your Music

Car manufacturer Mazda is currently in search of the best new tunes across the country in what they call "Mazda’s Rockin’ Roll Call.” The contest invites the best college/university bands in Canada to submit their music for the soundtrack of an online game. Campus Joyride is a live video simulator that puts rival schools on a national leader-board. As student drivers travel through campuses, the radio will play the bands in rotation. Visitors to the site will also be able to vote for their favourite track, to which judges will hear the top 25 vote-getters and determine the five that will be featured in the game. Artist(s) responsible for the top track will receive $2000 in studio time to cut a demo or EP. The deadline for submissions is February 17 and the best songs will be announced with the game’s launch at the end of the month. Full contest details can be found at (