Son Lux's Ryan Lott Scoring Film Adaptation of 'Paper Towns'

Son Lux's Ryan Lott Scoring Film Adaptation of 'Paper Towns'
Big Apple-based pop explorer Son Lux only just announced a new album called Bones, but that isn't all that project leader Ryan Lott has in the works: he's also scoring the upcoming film Paper Towns.

The flick is an adaptation of the 2008 young adult novel by John Green (best known for The Fault in Our Stars), which concerns a teenage girl who goes missing after exacting revenge on her enemies. Speaking with MTV, Lott explained that he has already written the musical theme for the main character, Margo.

"There's a certain whimsy to it, a touch of melancholy but a touch of whimsy and adventure," Lott said of Margo's theme. "When we first encounter her character, there's a naïvety — the lens through which we see her is a naïve one. And so her theme has that sort of light-hearted and subtle melancholy 'cause you can tell she's got some things going on inside of her, stewing a little bit. She's not a totally free bird."

As for some of the other music he's working on for Paper Towns, Lott said, "There's a continual feeling of searching in the film, of mystery, of pursuing the unknown and looking for a solution, so the theme that I'm developing for Quentin and his friends has that character."

Apparently his score will include everything from piano to percussive paint buckets and cookie sheets. His original music won't make up the entire soundtrack, since there will also be songs from other artists in the film. It seems that Lott is making the score under his given name, rather than his Son Lux moniker.

See a trailer for Paper Towns below. The film is due to arrive in Canadian theatres on July 24. It was directed by Jake Schreier and stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff.

This isn't the first time that Lott has written music for films. He also worked on Looper (2012) and Don Jon (2013).

Meanwhile, Bones is due out on June 23 through Glassnote.