Son Lux Central United Church, Calgary AB, June 24

Son Lux Central United Church, Calgary AB, June 24
Photo: Ryan Kostel
Son Lux had a lot going for them from the start at Sled Island; their recent album, Bones, had just come out and from the first note, they were beginning to prove why they were headlining, with their mix of hip-hop beats meeting dynamic post-rock crescendos. Frontman/Son Lux architect Ryan Lott gave it his all with his impassioned dramatics, stabbing at his keyboard like a man possessed. This, along with Son Lux's decision to play very loud, helped turn some of their largest moments into explosive ones.

Bones benefitted from being recorded with Lott's current touring band — including guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang — and the songs they drew from that album worked best in a live setting, yet one couldn't shake the feeling that they may have been too powerful for the church. Groups of people seemed to trickle out after each song, as the intricacies of their music were lost in a swell of loud bass or guitar.

The band played well, yet somehow failed to captivate the audience, who were uninterested in the band-prompted clapping. It seemed like it was simply a bum night for the trio, but they persevered to put on an enjoyable show nonetheless.