Skratch Bastid Talks His Ongoing Shad Collaboration and "Special Guest MC" at BBQ Event

Skratch Bastid Talks His Ongoing Shad Collaboration and 'Special Guest MC' at BBQ Event
Earlier this week, Nova Scotia-bred DJ Skratch Bastid, along with acclaimed Vancouver-based MC Shad, dropped a collaborative EP The Spring Up as a free release. It turns out the mini-release is just some of the work the two artists have been working on together recently.

"We thought it might serve as a good introduction to us working together ahead of the album that's forthcoming," Skratch Bastid tells Exclaim!

Skratch Bastid logged a number of sessions with Shad for the rapper's Flying Colours, his new album due out later this year, producing tracks and contributing additional production to others.

"The Spring Up was actually the result of the duo continuing to hang out after sessions for the album had been completed, taking advantage of 'extra creative juice.' "We just made three songs on the spot," says Skratch Bastid. "Shad was like, 'Let's just try and see how many songs we can make today.' And we made three songs, "Clappin'," "Peace" and "Classic" in the same session."

The EP is mainly just the product of duo being holed up in the studio, but there are a couple of other contributions. Cadence Weapon guests on "Homie" and DJ Jazzy Jeff supplied the original beat for "Classic" after hearing some of the new Shad album tracks while he was on tour with Skratch Bastid in Alberta earlier this year.

In addition to the EP, Skratch Bastid has been staying busy having just dropped Heavyweight Carry-On, an all vinyl 45s mix in collaboration with DJs Marc Hype & DJ Expo a few weeks ago. Plus, he will be hosting the third annual Bastid's BBQ at the Steam Whistle Brewery Roundhouse in Toronto on Saturday (June 15). The event will feature Cosmo Baker, DJ Starting from Scratch and former Canadian DMC Champ DJ Pump among the impressive lineup of DJs, as well as a live set from Jesse Futerman.

The event will also be co-hosted by celebrity chef Roger Mooking (a noted musician himself). The BBQ has obviously evolved from when it first started out in Halifax eight years ago when Skratch Bastid would cook burgers and hot dogs himself for those lining up to get into the event. There will also be a "special guest MC," but Skratch Bastid drops a heavy hint on the MC's identity.

"If people have been paying any attention to what I've been doing this week," he says, "then it shouldn't be much of a surprise."