Brampton Alt-Rockers Sicayda Go "Deeper In" the Darkness with New Video

The track appears on their recent EP
Brampton Alt-Rockers Sicayda Go 'Deeper In' the Darkness with New Video
Photo: Sahar Rana
Brampton-based alt-rock explorers Sicayda started 2021 off strong with the release of their self-titled sophomore EP, which led them to be named Exclaim!'s New Faves. The group have now treated EP track "Deeper In" to an unsettling new video.

Earlier this year, we praised the group's "alt-rock vocals, shoegaze choruses and dream-pop ambiance," and this new clip sets it all to a dizzying mix of stark lighting and industrial interiors as the band power through an emotional performance of the track. The song's heartfelt rock theatrics and the way the video turns the cavernous space into a claustrophobic, anxious tinderbox. 

Said Sicayda's Kevin Tipan in a statement, "The track itself is very personal and the mood and tone is a clashing of ideas and feelings. The video is a representation of that clashing, it sees us engulfed in this dark setting of uncertainty and ambiguity, isolated, almost horror-esque. In that uncertainty there is a unique beauty and awe highlighted by the glimpses of light and saturation that colors us in. A lot like love and lust there is heaps of uncertainty of which feeling is leading, which feeling to trust or follow — or is it both melded together in a tug of war? The video represents that struggle, that fear, which looms over such strong emotions but looking deeper in you're able to let yourself go and see the beauty and color in what seems like darkness."

Watch the "Deeper In" video now.