Shamir Returns with New Self-Titled Album

Check out the record's newly shared song "I Wonder"
Shamir Returns with New Self-Titled Album
Philadelphia's Shamir has announced plans for his second album of the year. It will be a new self-titled project, which will be released on October 2.

Today, the artist has shared the second single from the effort, a woozy indie-rock track titled "I Wonder," alongside a self-directed new music video.

"The song is about the feeling of love taking over your heart, even when you don't want it to," he explained in a statement. "It also alludes to climate change and how humans ('love') can be the most toxic thing to the planet ('the heart'), but also the only thing that can fix it."

Shamir's forthcoming self-titled album — which the artist bills as "the record that's most me" — follows the release of this year's Cataclysm. Last month, Shamir shared the new record's lead single "On My Own." Check out the album art above.

Watch Shamir's new video for "I Wonder" below.