Sarah Davachi Announces New Album 'Cantus, Descant'

It will arrive through her newly launched Late Music label
Sarah Davachi Announces New Album 'Cantus, Descant'
Sarah Davachi has announced a new album as the first release on her newly launched label Late Music. The epic 17-track, 80-minute Cantus, Descant arrives September 18.

All 17 album tracks were composed, recorded and performed by Davachi, and two even feature her vocals. You can watch a video for opener "Stations II" below.

"The pervading affect on the album is one that gives reverence to the suspension, the epoché, a space where we welcome and attempt to reconcile impermanence," Davachi explained in a statement. "It is an opportunity to go inside — oneself, one's sound — in order to simultaneously commune with our comforts and that which we mourn, perhaps not unlike the function of a hymn."

Cantus, Descant will arrive digitally, as well as via a 2-LP set and a 2-CD package.

Earlier this year, Davachi contributed a song to Stuart Hyatt's Ultrasonic compilation.

Cantus, Descant:

1. Stations II
2. The Pelican
3. Ruminant
4. Still Lives
5. Stations V
6. Midlands
7. Play The Ghost
8. Stations IV
9. Passing Bell
10. Hanging Gardens
11. Stations I
12. Gold Upon White
13. Oldgrowth
14. Stations III
15. Canyon Walls
16. Badlands
17. Diaphonia Basilica

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