SadGirl Water

SadGirl Water
Just in time for summer, SadGirl's fourth album, Water, offers a collection of breezy slow jams. The lively trio have mastered the sounds of surf punk, but with a nostalgic spin, creating a timeless record featuring romantic lyrics and soft rock-inspired instrumentals. Reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, vocalist Misha Lindes sounds like a mashup of Alex Turner with a touch of Elvis; Lindes' sensual, hypnotic voice complemented by sun-kissed, twangy guitar can't help but make you feel relaxed.
Opening track "The Ocean" transforms the 1950s doo-wop style into a more modern sound. As he croons "I don't want anyone else," followed by tri-tone chords, you sympathize with Lindes' longing for something more.
"Hazelnut Coffee" and "Mulholland" are both instrumental tracks that are placed right in the middle of the album, giving it a cinematic interlude feel. "Avalon" is another instrumental song that has Hawaiian shirt vibes, with ocean breeze samples in the background and a touch of proto-punk flair.
Saving the best for last, closing track "Water" is an emotional ballad. Lindes described this track as "self-reflection and being honest with yourself and asking yourself if what's made you happy in the past still makes you feel the same way." The lo-fi production, acoustic guitar and sluggish guitar is the perfect send off to Water.
Water is an evolution to SadGirl's discography; this one may be on repeat all summer long. (Suicide Squeeze)