Quavo Clarifies "BIG BRO" Lyrics: "Lil Peep Is a Legend"

Many took the Migos MC's verse as a slight against the late rapper
Quavo Clarifies 'BIG BRO' Lyrics: 'Lil Peep Is a Legend'
After stirring up some lyrical controversy with his debut solo effort QUAVO HUNCHO last Friday (October 12), Quavo has now clarified that he wasn't taking aim at late rapper Lil Peep on album cut "BIG BRO."

On the song, Quavo raps about being a role model for younger artists entering the industry, though some lines about drug abuse rubbed some listeners the wrong way.

Many were quick to interpret the lyrics "Think you poppin' Xanax bars, but it's fentanyl / Think you're living life like rock stars but you're dead now" as a slight against Peep, who died of an overdose prior to a show in Arizona last November.

In a tweet today, Quavo clarified that "Lil Peep Is A Legend A Real Rockstar," and that he "N E V E R will speak on the deceased."

He also revealed he lost his barber of 10 years to a fentanyl overdose, adding "RIP TO ANYBODY WHO LOST THERE [sic] LIFE TO DRUG ABUSE!"

Upon the album's release, producer and Peep collaborator Smokeasac wrote on Twitter that Quavo was "tryna stir a pot up of drama and it's working. it's this amazing new marketing stunt... you just diss people who have passed in your new music for attention!"

Rapper Bexey also tweeted that he would "BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA ANYONE TALKING DOWN ON PEEPS NAME." He apologized to the Migos MC following the statement, writing, "ITS ALL LOVE, I JUMPED TO CONCLUSIONS CAUSE I'M HURT. THANK YOU FOR BEING REAL & EXPLAINING THIS SHIT."

Quavo and Migos also delivered their Culture II LP earlier this year. Today, Lil Peep's camp teased a posthumous release titled Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2.