Phil Elverum Talks Lil Peep Sampling Mount Eerie: "I Just Really Didn't Get It"

"I think it's just because I'm old, honestly"
Phil Elverum Talks Lil Peep Sampling Mount Eerie: 'I Just Really Didn't Get It'
The unlikely connection between Mount Eerie and Lil Peep was the late rapper's use of Phil Elverum's music as a sample source. After Peep's passing late last year, Elverum had tweeted, "Lil Peep is on my mind," and the songwriter has now reflected on the rapper further in a new interview.

Speaking with Stereogum, Elverum spoke on his familiarity with Peep's work. "I was aware of him when he was alive and knew that he sampled my songs," he told the site. "But when I first saw his videos I was like, 'Argh! No! Yuck!' I just really didn't get it, and I think it's just because I'm old, honestly. It's a thing for people who are 20 years younger than me, or younger."

Elverum admitted that watching Peep's videos was "one of the first times I felt truly alienated from, you know, kids these days. But I mostly just felt bad. I didn't want to be associated with it, but also I didn't want to be a hard ass. I'm mostly fine with anyone using my music for whatever. Everything's just compost that gets reused."

On his tweet regarding Peep, Elverum said that he made the post "because death was on my mind. More people dying, young people dying, people dying before their time, [my wife] Geneviève dying, and people grieving in this sloppy, chaotic, public way, which I was also doing. It just poked at all these issues in a fresh way, surprisingly." 

He continued, "I didn't think about Lil Peep much at all, but when he died there was a video online of his friend videotaping his dead bod. It was gross, but at the same time, it was putting actual death into all of our faces once again in this really raw way, and it's all just so potent."

Lil Peep died last November at age 21 of a drug overdose.

Elverum recently delivered his Now Only LP as Mount Eerie.