​Peter Hook Gushes Admiration for Taylor Swift and Rihanna

​Peter Hook Gushes Admiration for Taylor Swift and Rihanna
Former New Order bassist Peter Hook may not be on the best terms with his old band, but he's happy to heap praises on some of pop music's reigning stars.
In an interview with NME, Hook explained his affection for the likes of Rihanna and Taylor Swift.
Hook said he admired Rihanna for her ability to modernize the foundational years of dance music — perhaps referencing the fact that she sampled New Order's "Blue Monday" on her 2007 hit "Shut Up and Drive."
He also acknowledged her attitude, describing RiRi as "a cooler Madonna."
Hook went on to profess his admiration for Swift, as well. Although he noted that "you might not like her music," Hook said that he appreciates that she stands up for herself.
"She took stand against that guy for the sexual misbehaviour," he said. "She took a stand against Spotify because they were basically ripping musicians off. Musicians and unions would never do that, but Taylor Swift did it."

He failed, however, to mention her deafening silence when it came to denouncing white supremacist supporters.
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