Pete Rock Underground Classics

Back in the early ’90s, Pete Rock’s rep as a legendary producer was built with his distinctive use of horns and muscular bass lines. While his profile has dropped he’s never stopped working on music and this compilation highlights his lesser known productions over the past decade or so. What’s striking about the productions collected here is how Pete Rock tailored his beats depending on who he’s working with. His evolving style over the years is reflected in the gritty work he did for the UN, the laidback swing of his INI output and the echoes of the style that established him with ’90s peer, Boston MC Ed O.G. While those unfamiliar with Pete Rock’s work beyond his work with CL Smooth as one of the premier hip-hop groups of the ’90s will surely find something to their satisfaction, adherents of the Chocolate Boy wonder will recognise much of the material here. Nevertheless, the collection is a useful snapshot underlining that there’s definitely more to this influential producer than his distinctively patented sound. (Rapster)