OFF! "Over Our Heads" (video)

OFF! 'Over Our Heads' (video)
As an old adage taught humanity so very long ago: don't trip acid before heading out skydiving. Seriously, it's just not a good idea. Sadly, that's one of the many horrifying lessons we relearn in the new video for L.A. hardcore crew OFF!'s Wasted Years cut "Over Our Heads."

The cautionary tale finds three-quarters of OFF! up high in the sky for vocalist Keith Morris' birthday, being led by a "fucking intense" skydiving instructor (played by Jack Black). Morris seems to be good to go, but tab-tasting bassist Steve McDonald gets a rude awakening once his spirit journey puts the rest of the gang in jeopardy.

Though the story will be concluded in an upcoming second video, you'll discover how their respective survival skills stack up so far in the fairly bloody first chapter down below.