Non La Premieres Nostalgic Karaoke Video for "Explained"

It's the latest single from the Vancouver project's 'Not in Love'
Non La Premieres Nostalgic Karaoke Video for 'Explained'
Non La — the Vancouver project led by DJ On — returns with a video for "Explained" from last year's Not in Love, and Exclaim! has the premiere.

Directed by Steven Roste, the video was inspired by missing the distinctly pre-COVID mystique of a karaoke bar. Roste said in a statement: "We've certainly grown and become smarter over the last year and I think of this video as a love letter to the dumb joy that a shared, uncovered (!!!) microphone was able to bring us. Like an earnest attempt at recreating some pre-pandemic karaoke magic. The people must hear you sing!!!!!!"

In that regard, "Explained" makes a perfect karaoke track: it's an upbeat, earnest dance floor admission with plenty of backup vocals to help fill out the mix. The video sees On baring his soul in a leather harness, directly defending his love beneath a wash of pink lighting.

"I don't need an equation to figure out just why / There's nothing to be explained," he repeats during the chorus, exasperated by his friends just not getting it. The song is so catchy they'd probably have to clap along, even while rolling their eyes.

Watch the video for "Explained" below.