Noel Gallagher Joins Damon Albarn Onstage to Cover Gorillaz and the Clash

Noel Gallagher Joins Damon Albarn Onstage to Cover Gorillaz and the Clash
Damon Albarn may have recently grabbed some unwanted attention for a perceived feud with Adele, while Noel Gallagher seemingly went after headlines by trashing Adele and ISIS in a recent interview. Back in Cool Britannia's '90s heyday, however, the musicians were making news thanks to their own ongoing feud in a battle of Britpop.
Last year, Albarn shut down rumours of a collaboration between himself and the Oasis songwriter, but did acknowledge that the bad blood between them had calmed over the last couple decades.
"What I did say was we have hung out on several occasions, and in the most sort of light-hearted and casual way, we have talked about working together," Albarn told Exclaim! in 2014. "But for it to be translated like the way it was is ridiculous. It's as casual as saying we should go out for another drink sometime."
Well, it doesn't seem like any studio teamwork is imminent, but Albarn and Gallagher did appear onstage together this weekend to perform at a birthday party for Paul Simonon of the Clash.
The birthday boy took up his bass, while Gallagher played guitar beside Albarn as the star-studded group delivered live renditions of Gorillaz' "DARE" and the Clash classic, "Brand New Cadillac." Watch fan-shot footage of the festive musical celebration in the players below.
Simonon and Albarn previously recorded and toured together in The Good, the Bad & the Queen; according to a setlist uploaded online, the pair performed that project's "Kingdom of Doom" as well as Clash cuts like "Guns of Brxton," "I Fought the Law," "Janie Jones" and another Gorillaz' favourite, "Clint Eastwood." Chrissie Hynde and Kano were among the other featured performers.
Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.

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