Mount Kimbie Explain the Making of 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth'

Mount Kimbie Explain the Making of 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth'
On their forthcoming second album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, UK-based duo Mount Kimbie (aka Kai Campos and Dominic Maker) continue to explore a wide range of sounds, textures and influences, leaving constricting labels like "post-dubstep" for others to debate.

"It's quite important for some people to have a name for whatever is going on, but it does seem like a bit of a waste of time, really. What is a very crucial part is that we leave no doors closed," Maker tells Exclaim! of the band's attitude towards being pigeonholed. "A lot of what makes Mount Kimbie what it is is the fact that we try to avoid being too concerned or using any of our, sort of, headspace or thinking about 'what ifs' and 'where do we fit in?' and 'what should we sound like?' I think we try to distance ourselves from it taking up too much of our preparation for going in to the studio."

The process of touring their 2010 debut, Crooks & Lovers, also had a significant influence on the creation of the new record, building the band's confidence and helping them to push things forward.

"Exposing what we're doing in the live setting, that's kind of filtered through to what we're doing on the production side of things," says Maker. "We're more willing to go bolder with our methods, so, using vocals and a bit more expression in using guitar and bass and stuff like that."

And while there's been a two-year gap between Crooks & Lovers and Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, the time spent creating the new record has left the band energized, hinting even at more new material coming sooner rather than later.

"We were in a really good vein of form in terms of writing just towards the end of the album process, whereas last time we gave ourselves a big gap of almost two years. I think, with this one, we've just really enjoyed the process and don't want to leave it as long this time."

How long that will be, we'll just have to wait and see. For now, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is due out May 28 from Warp Records. Also, as previously reported, Mount Kimbie will be heading out on a North American tour, which includes a few Canadian dates. See the schedule here.