Brampton's Mile End "Choose Life" in Morbid New Video

The band's debut EP arrives this spring
Brampton's Mile End 'Choose Life' in Morbid New Video
Having spent the past couple of years cutting their teeth in Brampton, ON's underground scene, Mile End are ready to have a breakout 2021. Their debut EP is scheduled to come out this spring, and they're giving a taste of what's in store with a video for the new single "Choose Life."

The song was produced and mixed by rising hip-hop/rock experimentalist DEAR-GOD, and it finds Mile End pushing their alternative sound into more of a hardcore/punk direction.

Frontman Jake Thompson said in a statement about the video, "The phrase 'Choose Life' was inspired by the movie Trainspotting, and what I took from the phrase and movie is that you choose your own path and you live with what you give yourself. I relate this back to Mile End's path — the song is about seeing our friend throw their life away, but also the song is a reminder to us that we have the ability to choose our path in life."

The song's subject matter is serious, but the accompanying video is playfully morbid, as the band stage a murder plot against their own drummer, Patrick Linardic. It was directed by Noah Douglas and the band's own Jake Thompson, and it's apparently the first in a series of videos in which Linardic will repeatedly die — a trend inspired by South Park's forever-cursed character Kenny.

Check out the premiere of the "Choose Life" video below. Stay tuned for Mile End to release another single in the coming months, ahead of the EP release.