Rain of Salvation Return with "The Sound of Triumph"

Rain of Salvation Return with 'The Sound of Triumph'
Rain of Salvation have delivered a downpour since putting out their "Call to Arms." Just under a year since dropping debut EP A War Outside and Within, the straight edge quintet are set to appear at this weekend's LDB Fest in Kentucky and are dropping a song to celebrate the occasion.

"The Sound of Triumph" carries on the northeast band's tradition of approximating the crushing yet dynamic metallic hardcore of southeast torchbearers Foundation. It's all too appropriate, given a couple of the members met at that group's last show. Speaking of members, Rain of Salvation features some from SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Typecaste, Adrenaline, Hell of Self, Soul Provider, Koyo and more.

A brief reprieve from mosh-ready bounce and groove comes in the form of a metalcore melody, which quickly breaks into a bridge build-up no doubt familiar to fans of hardcore. However, drum fills and driving double bass gives the closing a decidedly different feel than anything more rooted in punk.

You can listen to the song, which comes from an upcoming EP, in the player below before catching the band at LDB Fest on Friday (February 7). They're also doing a run with Vantage Point on the last weekend of March.