Liz Phair Details New Album 'Soberish,' Shares "Spanish Doors"

Liz Phair Details New Album 'Soberish,' Shares 'Spanish Doors'
It's been over a year since Liz Phair first announced that her next album would be titled Soberish, and today she's finally shared the details for the release.

The album is made up of 13 songs, and it's scheduled to arrive on June 4 via Chrysalis Records. In a press release, the long-running singer-songwriter said she was inspired by the music she loved in her youth, including the English Beat, the Specials, Madness, R.E.M., Yazoo, the Psychedelic Furs, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Laurie Anderson and the Cars.

Of the album's title, Phair said the following:

Soberish can be about partying. It can be about self-delusion. It can be a about chasing that first flush of love or, in fact, any state of mind that allows you to escape reality for a while and exist on a happier plane. It's not self-destructive or out of control; it's as simple as the cycle of dreaming and waking up. That's why I chose to symbolize Soberish with a crossroads, with a street sign. It's best described as a simple pivot of perspective. When you meet your 'ish' self again after a period of sobriety, there's a deep recognition and emotional relief that floods you, reminding you that there is more to life, more to reality and to your own soul than you are consciously aware of. But if you reach for too much of a good thing, or starve yourself with too little, you'll lose that critical balance.

Ahead of its arrival, Phair has shared a music video for album opener "Spanish Doors," which you can find below. She's also booked a world tour, the dates of which can be found here.


1. Spanish Doors
2. The Game
3. Hey Lou
4. In There
5. Good Side
6. Sheridan Side
7. Ba Ba Ba
8. Soberish
9. Soul Sucker
10. Lonely Street
11. Dosage
12. Bad Kitty
13. Rain Scene

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