Listen to Yukon Blonde's New Album 'Vindicator'

The record includes previously released singles "Get Precious," "In Love Again," "You Were Mine" and "Your Heart's My Home"
Listen to Yukon Blonde's New Album 'Vindicator'
At long last, Vancouver indie rockers Yukon Blonde have released their new album, Vindicator, courtesy of Dine Alone Records, and today, you can listen to it in full here at Exclaim!

Vindicator marks the band's first attempt at writing, recording and producing entirely on their own. The project was completed through several months' work inside a cabin on Galiano Island, at kitchen tables, in closets and in the band's own studio in Vancouver. The DIY process Yukon Blonde employed is something they're proud of, and thus, is indicated in the album's title, Vindicator.

"Because we were not limited by time, it is more experimental, more indulgent, and collaboratively more lucid than anything we have ever made," the band said of the release in a statement. "The whole process was an act of figuring out whether we were even capable of making a record from top to bottom ourselves at all — we did, it rules, and we feel accomplished; hence the title."

As such, the record "represents a kinda new beginning for us, because it was produced, mixed, engineered and recorded entirely ourselves; we made a decision after the last record to spend our money on gear rather than studio time."

Their latest follows 2018's Critical Hit. Earlier this year, the band's Brandon Wolfe Scott shared a solo EP titled Burden on Your Shoulders.

Listen to Vindicator in full below, where you can also watch the band's recent music videos for "Get Precious," "In Love Again," "You Were Mine" and "Your Heart's My Home."

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