Lil' Kim "Flawless" (Beyoncé remix/Nicki Minaj diss)

Lil' Kim 'Flawless' (Beyoncé remix/Nicki Minaj diss)
Lil Kim won't let her Nicki Minaj beef go. After dissing her three years ago with "Black Friday", she's opted to go in on Nicki's internet-breaking Beyoncé collaboration.

For her take on the "Flawless" remix, Kim lets most of the track play out as normal. Just when you think it's about to end without any disses, however, she hops on at the last minute and lays into Nicki. "I gave you the rope, bitch I want you to hang" Kim says in the aggressive, quickly spit verse.

Listen to Lil Kim's "Flawless" remix below.