Lights on Exclaim! TV Chatroom

Lights on Exclaim! TV Chatroom
Taking a page from female songwriters such as Björk, Kate Bush and Patti Smith on her latest disc, Lights established the goal to write "incredible songs that everyone can sing along to and lyrically latch onto." In the latest instalment of the Exclaim! TV program Chatroom, in which listeners can ask their favourite artists questions through social media, many fans were keen to ask about her evolution as a songwriter and the process behind her new album, Little Machines.

Set up at Sneaky Dee's, Lights fielded your questions about her new record, talking about everything from the gear she used to record it to overcoming a case of writer's block. When asked to sum up the album in only a few words, she said the title still stands as the best representation, referencing the energy and imagination of our younger years and how one should never lose such a feeling.

Outside of performing, we learned how Lights spends her well-deserved days off, her love of FanExpo and the inspiration behind her haircut. When asked to reveal a hidden talent, the songwriter admits to making a mean guacamole, though she was quick to point out it doesn't rival that which tops Sneaky Dee's' renowned plates of nachos.

Watch the Chatroom session in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres