Justin K. Broadrick FACT Mix 224

Justin K. Broadrick <i>FACT Mix 224</i>
Ever since he formed Godflesh in the '80s after a stint in Napalm Death, many have championed the diverse palette of Justin K. Broadrick. Now, in 2011, he's as varied as ever, from the shoegaze of Jesu to the ambient electronic work he performs as Pale Sketcher. Broadrick's vast musical taste is on display in a brand new mix he did for FACT magazine.

 The 22 choices showcase a love of hip-hop (RZA, Dr. Octagon), shoegaze (Slowdive), experimental electronic music (Boards of Canada, Oval) and almost any other genre, along with two previously unreleased Pale Sketcher dubplates.

The 95-minute mix can be downloaded here courtesy of FACT or streamed below. We also have a full list of the tracks on the mix below.

FACT Mix 224:

Donnacha Costello "Always A Part"

Caustic Window "A1"

Fairmont "Walk Home"

Lootpack "Questions"

Seefeel "Spangle"

Dettinger "A1"

Burial "Archangel"

Slowdive "Shine"

Dr Octagon "Moosebumps"

Oval "Do While X"

The Field "Kappsta"

Various Artists "7"

Cabaret Voltaire "Doublevision"

Pale Sketcher "Unreleased Dubplate 1"

The Aggrovators "Find A Dub"

Boards Of Canada "Music Is Math"

Mark Kozelek "Leo And Luna"

Pale Sketcher "Unreleased Dubplate 2"

RZA "Grits"

Babybird "Saturday"

Cabaret Voltaire "Jazz The Glass"

D Bridge "The Question"

FACT mix 224 - Justin Broadrick by factmag