John River Returns with New Single "Burn the Boats"

John River Returns with New Single 'Burn the Boats'
After spending the better part of 2018 battling a debilitating illness, John River has returned with a new single.

Titled "Burn the Boats," the song finds River reflecting on his journey "back from the dead," rapping, "My life was on the line, guess you iced the wrong n***a / Died and came back to life, Christ and John River."

This past January, River took to Twitter in hopes of finding a diagnosis for a condition that had given him chest pains, breathing trouble, light sensitivity, temporary blindness and depressive episodes.

In February, a neurologist diagnosed the rapper with paraspinal pain, severe anemia, a dislocated jaw joint and intracranial hypotension, revealing that "his brain has been sagging in his head for 40 days."

In April, River's family revealed that he had undergone a pair of surgeries to fix a brain fluid leak.

In early August, River had shared a photo of him in a recording studio, writing, "I want to thank God for bringing me back to life & everyone who didn't abandon my mother & my family. As for the rest, fuck you, I hope you see me in your nightmares. No talking."

You can hear "Burn the Boats" in the players below.