RHCP's John Frusciante Announces New Solo Album

It was recorded live to a CD burner and "some of the tracks have sounds that can not be pressed on vinyl"
RHCP's John Frusciante Announces New Solo Album
Photo: Matt Forsythe
The Red Hot Chili Peppers released two albums in 2022, but guitarist John Frusciante is keeping the productivity going by announcing a new solo album for early 2023. The album, which has two versions respectively titled . I : and : I I ., is out February 3 through Acid Test Records.

Frusciante hasn't yet shared any material from the album, but it seems that it represents a return to electronic music. The songs were made with an Elektron Monomachine synth/sequencer and an Analog Four MKII synth, then recorded live to a CD burner with no overdubs.

The album was made at the same time that RHCP were finishing off Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen, as Frusciante's way of "re-balancing myself" after focusing on the traditional songwriting structures of those albums. Influences reportedly include John Lennon's tape experiments, the first minute of David Bowie's Station to Station, Jimi Hendrix's "…And the Gods Made Love" and Brian Eno's concept of ambient music.

As for why there are two titles, the vinyl version is called . I : (pronounced "one") and the CD/digital version is called : I I . (pronounced "two"). The vinyl version contains a bonus track, but overall is shorter because "some of the tracks have sounds that cannot be pressed on vinyl." The tracklists are below; it's unclear if the tracks "Unititled" and "Unitiled" are typos or the actual titles.

The album is available to preorder on Bandcamp. It's a 2LP and 2CD, so it seems that the tracks are very long.

. I ::

1. Clank
2. Sluice
3. Firpln
4. Unititled
5. OFD
6. Pyn
7. MK 2.1

: I I .:

1. Golpin
2. MK 2.1
3. Pyn
4. Blesdob Dot
5. Unitiled
6. Clank
7. Frantay
8. Galvation
9. Sluice
10. Firpln