Jimmy Page to Release New Book - But It Will Cost You over $700

Jimmy Page to Release New Book - But It Will Cost You over $700
Here's a good news/bad news situation for Led Zeppelin fans. The good news: guitarist Jimmy Page is releasing a book. The bad news: it will cost over $700.

The book, simply called Jimmy Page, will come out on September 27 through Genesis Publications. It's being billed as a "photographic autobiography," as it collects a mixture of classic shots and unseen photos, as well as selections from Page's photo albums.

All told, it's got over 650 images across more than 500 pages. It's a deluxe package to be sure, as it's printed on heavyweight art paper and hand-bound with leather. It has translucent, screen-printed backboards and comes in a silk and leather slipcase. You can see what it looks like above.

Page said, "I've really got a lot of time for the way Genesis produce their books, they're really quality items. As someone who's always been interested in having a library themselves, I appreciate fine bookbinding and their whole ethic of what they do and what they're trying to do with a whole catalogue of books."

There will only be 2,500 books made, and each one will be individually numbered and signed by Page himself. If you feel like blowing some cash on, er, literature, go here to pre-order. It will set you back £445.00 ($724.39).

Thanks to Nightwatcher's House of Rock/Consequence of Sound for the heads-up.