Jimmy Page Releases More Rare '70s Soundtracks

Jimmy Page Releases More Rare '70s Soundtracks
Once again, legendary Led Zeppelin axe-slinger Jimmy Page is dipping into his back catalogue to roll out an obscure soundtrack. Following last year's reissue of the score for 1982's Death Wish II, Page is giving some long-lost compositions an official release.

Entitled Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks, the collection being released through Page's official website on tomorrow (March 20) and includes music intended for Kenneth Anger's short film Lucifer Rising, which was completed in 1972. Page made a cameo in the flick, but his music didn't make the cut.

It's unclear exactly what the "other sound tracks" alluded to in the title are, but there are six songs in total (at least two of which come from Lucifer Rising). Opening cut, "Lucifer Rising - Main Track" takes up the entire first side of the vinyl edition.

According an announcement from Page, all of these compositions date back to the early '70s, and were recorded at the guitarist's home studio.

In addition to the standard run, there will be a pressing of 418 numbered copies, the first 93 of which are signed by Page. All copies are available exclusively from JimmyPage.com, which you have to be a member to view. Registration is free, so it's probably worth the inconvenience for Zep fans.

Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks

1. Lucifer Rising - Main Track
2. Incubus

3. Damask

4. Unharmonics

5. Damask - Ambient

6. Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return