Jim James "Throwback"

Jim James 'Throwback'
Jim James is set to deliver new solo LP Uniform Distortion come the end of next month, and ahead of the album's arrival, he's shared a second single.

Titled "Throwback," the song finds James lyrically examining the effects of social media on our lives, and how our preoccupation with the digital world affects how we spend our time in the real world. 

James expanded on the song's ideas in a statement as follows:

wrote this song doing pretty much what you are probably doing right at this very second: scrolling thru social media. It struck me as SO wild — how, as you scroll back in time through someone's account, you watch their face grow younger…but as you do this, REAL TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!! The clock is ticking…instead of doing good work or creating love or taking a walk in nature, I am here STARING AT MY FUCKING PHONE!!!! ha ha ha. Don't get me wrong – social media is an amazing tool…but I think we should look at it more like a tool, like a hammer you pick up for a little while to do a job, and then you PUT IT DOWN. You don't sit there and keep hammering away or else pretty soon your entire world would be destroyed and fall apart! And I feel like that is exactly what is happening right before our very eyes to this precious real beautiful human-filled earth. So lets WAKE EACH OTHER UP PEOPLE! Lets stand up against injustice and use this tool of social media to fight for peace and love and equality! Let's throwback for a minute, but try and live in the NOW for a better future. Thanks for listening.

Uniform Distortion
arrives June 29 through ATO.