Jenn Grant Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11

Jenn Grant Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11
Photo: Levi Manchak
Jenn Grant has always had a coolness within her warm voice, which has given her forays in folk-oriented rock and indie pop a certain edge. In a two-person configuration here, with her husband Daniel Ledwell, and buoyed by electronic flourishes and beats, Grant exhibited her full and impressive artistic core.
In her banter and live shows generally, Grant embraces the scrappier aspects of the experience, which can mean she can be a goofball, but it also opens us all up to raw, real life. On songs like "Paradise," a brooding electronic arrangement whose inherent melodrama was cooled off by Grant's hopeful vocal, she escaped a keyboard stand trap, stepping out with the mic to the foot of the stage to try and connect with the front row, seated on the grass.
Before adorning acoustic guitars for "Bring Me a Rose," Grant announced that she and Ledwell are expecting their first child. And then, whenever she could, she comedically ribbed Ledwell for refusing to fulfill her strange desires (i.e., not telling her bedtime stories, not making eye contact during a duet).
At one point, Ledwell in turn fired off a quick jab, stopping the aforementioned country duet to criticize the erratic timing of her tambourine beats. The crowd laughed and Grant exclaimed "Holy shit," comically. A bit of George and Tammy, and also George and Gracie, in an endearing and revealing performance.

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