Jack Antonoff Is Writing a Book About the Glory Days of CDs

Jack Antonoff Is Writing a Book About the Glory Days of CDs
There are nerds of every age group who would love to tell you about the rise, fall and resurgence of vinyls, but who will speak for the CD? It turns out that Jack Antonoff, pop songwriter and member of Fun. and Bleachers, is the man for the job.

As the New York Times reports, Antonoff is currently working on a tell-all book that will celebrate the golden age of the compact disc. That said, since CD Shop is a fairly shitty name for a book, the release will be called Record Store.

Rather than focus on dorky crate-diggers, the book is said to focus on the CD experience of those who discovered music at chain shops like Tower Records and Sam Goody.

"It seems like the nerdy, record-collector type owns the conversation," Antonoff said. "But that wasn't my experience growing up, and it wasn't the experience of a lot of people I know."

He added that the book will be "the opposite of an old, crotchety, 'things-were-better,' dusty book about vinyl."

Some of Antonoff's famous friends will surely make an appearance in the book (surely his writerly girlfriend Lena Dunham won't resist the opportunity to deliver another essay), but Antonoff added that the book will be inspired by zine culture, with plenty of visual elements.

Record Store will arrive sometime next year through Simon & Schuster.