Canadian DJ Profile: Hollywood Hype

Canadian DJ Profile: Hollywood Hype
The EDM scene in Canada is finally getting some worldwide recognition, and with Bud Light Sensation just around the corner, Bud Light has handpicked some up-and-coming DJs from across the country to join the party revolution. To get ready for the most insane party of the year, we're profiling these fourteen rising DJs in the Canadian EDM scene, and if you visit, you can vote for your favourite. Every time you vote, you'll be entered for a chance to win a pair of daily drawn general admission tickets to Bud Light Sensation. Additionally, the winning DJ will receive two VIP tickets with travel, accommodations, and ten tickets for their entourage.

DJ Hollywood Hype, a.k.a. John Skene, has a reputation for being Winnipeg's premiere DJ, showcasing his refined mixing skills and captivating energy as the resident DJ for several clubs. After being picked up on LMFAO's 2009 North American tour, Hollywood Hype has shared the stage with some of the giants of EDM, including Steve Aoki, Global Deejays, and Benny Benassi. Hype has spent the last few years perfecting his original material and remixes, and is set to expand his brand as an up-and-comer on the world's main stage.

AUX: What was your introduction to DJing? What made you want to start?
Hollywood Hype: I was first introduced to the concept of what a DJ was from my early love of the Beastie Boys, which was passed down from my brother in mixtapes he made for me. I had always had this overwhelming curiosity of who the DJ figure was. As I started attending raves and club shows, I knew I needed to pursue this further. I loved the abstract and original sounds of the scene, so I started buying records to listen to. I was born and raised in a small town, where hearing these sounds on a regular basis did not happen, so I brought them home with me. One thing lead to another, and as my record collection grew so did my friends' interest to have me DJ the parties and raves in the city.

Where are you from, and what's the scene like for a DJ in your hometown?
Well, the scene in my hometown of Dryden, Ontario is pretty much non-existent. The idea of a DJ is just social and wedding based. Now I call Winnipeg my home and find it more supportive and inspiring. Winnipeg is a place that supports the Arts no matter what type of art it is. This supportive environment allows me to push the sounds I play, while still playing the classic, top jams everyone loves.

Who/what are your main influences, and why?
I would say my influences would have to be classic break beats producers such as Stanton Warriors. Breaks were my first love and even now as I produce more of a four on the floor sound, my love always comes back to that chunky funky beat, which heavily influences how I structure my songs. As a DJ, I am inspired by the master mixing of artists such as Krafty Kutz and A Skillz. I love how they infuse such a wide range of their own influences into their sets. When it comes to work ethic, attitude and sound selection, I am strongly influenced by Adam K, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Congorock, Red Foo (of LMFAO), and Diplo. These artists are so focused on fine tuning their craft and sound on all levels, that they do not let any cirque or genre barrier stop them.

What's the ultimate party foul for a DJ?
Blame the crowd for the party! If you aren't having a good time how do you expect the crowd to? Seeing a sad DJ spin always throws me off.

Why is it important for Canada to have an event like Bud Light Sensation?
I think that this will bring a lot of exposure to EDM in Canada, especially with all the promotion taking place. The Sensation brand is well established and known. Also, having Bud Light involved brings credibility to the series for those who are not familiar with the Sensation parties. Canada has such talented people, some of which are not even recognized by fellow Canadians! The more parties there are that introduce a greater population to this amazing music and energy, the better!

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