Hollowfest Gears Up for 2018 Edition

The Ontario festival will feature Doldrums, Moon King, Crowleys, Bad Waitress and more
Hollowfest Gears Up for 2018 Edition
DIY music and arts event Hollowfest is returning to Ontario this year, and organizers are getting ready for its fast-approaching 2018 edition.

The event takes place this summer from September 14 to 16 in Lanark, ON. And for the 2018 lineup, Hollowfest has roped in the likes of Doldrums, Moon King, Crowleys, Bad Waitress, Mother Tongues, Zoe Abrams, Bese, Zones, Mr. Joy, Two Suns, Blunt Chunks, Hot Garbage, Sharing, Erik Masson, Dead Dog, Crying High, Ami Spears, Luna Li, Posterboy, Zoo Owl, Sophia Katz, Stacy Sexton, Coldboi, Johnny, Tip and Friends, Alida Sont, Mich Cota and Mums Garden.

According to organizers, here's what the festival is all about:

Hollowfest is far-reaching community event that provides support for artists and a space for people to come together and share. In its first year, the event featured over 25 musical acts, mostly based in Toronto, Montreal, and Eastern Ontario. We are thrilled to bring the festival alive again this September and continue to make Hollowfest an annual event that uplifts and inspires.

You can get more information, as well as tickets, over here.