Hear Stevenson Mash Up Taking Back Sunday's "MakeDamnSure" and Blink-182's "Feeling This"

Hear Stevenson Mash Up Taking Back Sunday's 'MakeDamnSure' and Blink-182's 'Feeling This'
Over the last couple years, Stevenson have served up original material on their Goth Baby and Best Buddies EPs, but for their latest release, the Montreal rockers are paying homage to a couple of bands who they idolized as kids.
Like any emo-leaning youngster in the mid-2000s, the guys in Stevenson were big fans of Taking Back Sunday's "MakeDamnSure" and Blink-182's "Feeling This," and now — more than a decade since the release of the originals — they've made a surprisingly seamless mash-up of the two tracks and paired it with a video.
The clip finds the bandmates performing under colourful hazy lights, interspersed with shots of the dudes donning masks and partaking in some friendly competition in the form of poker games and push-up contests.
"The 'MakeDamnSure' part is based on gambling games, while the 'Feeling This' part revolves around strength and endurance challenges," the band's Fred le Tourneaux-Gagnon tells Exclaim! "I simply win every challenge and then leave with a good stack of paper."
Relive the melodramatic nostalgia of Taking Back Sunday and serious, self-titled-era Blink-182 by checking out Stevenson's take on "MakeDamnSure" and "Feeling This" below.