GWAR Call Adam Levine a "Dipshit" for Claiming "No Hot Chicks" Listen to Metal

"His tattoos look like a Wendy's tablecloth or something"
GWAR Call Adam Levine a 'Dipshit' for Claiming 'No Hot Chicks' Listen to Metal
Due to the abundant go-to-horny-jail nature of the married Maroon 5 bandleader's alleged flirty DMs with multiple women, part of the Adam Levine affair scandal we may have previously glossed over was that, when Alyson Rosef claimed that she only listened to metal, the singer reportedly replied, "Said no hot chicks ever other than you."

This sext content was very important to some, and Loudwire had to get GWAR's input. In a new interview at last week's Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, KY, bandleader Blöthar the Berzerker weighed in on Levine's "ridiculous" remark: "Of course hot chicks listen to metal."

Hot girls and baby chickens do whatever they want! First and foremost, Blöthar was clear about one thing: "I don't really listen to anything Adam Levine says," he noted. "He is a good-looking fella… his tattoos look like a Wendy's tablecloth or something." Or if someone walked into a tattoo parlour and simply requested to be given tattoos.

"There's lots of hot chicks who listen to metal, that's ridiculous," the interplanetary safe sex advocate clarified. "Of course hot chicks listen to metal. I think he's a dipshit."

When the publication asked if GWAR would consider killing Levine on stage, as they have characteristically tended to do with prominent public figures since the band was founded in 1984, Blöthar said that, alas, no. 

"He's not interesting enough for us to kill," the masked musician explained. "We kill compelling figures like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump… fun stuff. Joe Biden, pregnant bag ladies… stuff like that."

Watch the interview clip below.

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