Greber Cemetery Preston

Greber Cemetery Preston
Cambridge, ON's Greber offer up their latest slab of crushing sludge- and doom-laden grind with their new album, Cemetery Preston. The duo consist of bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon (ex-Fuck the Facts) and drummer/vocalist Steve Vargas (The Great Sabatini), who create an exceptionally raw and visceral sound with their unique approach.
Following two full-lengths and three splits over the past eight years, Cemetery Preston builds on their previous material while taking things to new levels of unconscionable intensity, despite the band only having two members. Greber's dynamic drums-and-bass combo is monolithic throughout the nine-track release, opening with the crusty and corrosive feedback-induced "Backhanded Interest."
The rumbling bass tones on "The Wreckers" are fantastically harsh, while the slow and powerful drum beats on "By Any Other Name" hit you right in the gut. "Our Burnt Treasure" starts off frantic and crusty before the latter half of the track transitions with dense, doom-filled riffs that lead into the depressive "Grave Plot."
Final track "The Closer We Got" ends the punishing Cemetery Preston with bitter, plodding tones and piercing noise, which bring the record's overall intrinsically dark atmosphere to a head. (Ancient Temple Recordings)