Is Frank Ocean About to Announce Something?

He has wiped his Instagram page clean, prompting speculation that he's about to drop new music
Is Frank Ocean About to Announce Something?
Is Frank Ocean preparing to release something new? In a move that's sure to inspire "peering eyes" emojis everywhere, the musician has wiped his Instagram clean, prompting speculation that something new is coming.

His @blonded Instagram page is, as of this writing, completely blank. All that remains is a profile photo of the singer and a link to

While no one knows exactly what this means, an artist wiping their social media clean has become synonymous with the rebranding effort that often accompanies a new album cycle.

Or, who knows — maybe Frank is just taking a break from Instagram. He might even be releasing a new luxury cock ring.

He hasn't released an album since his 2016 double hit of Endless and Blonde. He also released a series of stand-alone singles from 2017 to 2020. This summer, he brought back his Blonded Radio show on Apple Music 1.